Expecting - draft 1 22/6/03

This draft of the animation serves to indicate the action that will take place. The animation is rough and will be smoother (and more realistic) in the final version. The timing is also rough, and most action happens too quickly.

At certain points you'll see 'looped section' appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. This means that this section will be a loop, and the animation won't progress to the next section until the user squeezes the teddy bear.

The length of the loop is negotiable, and can fit in to whatever sound (if any) you wish to have in the looped section). The looped sections are as follows:

1. Charlotte sits on the bed playing her game boy.
click - she gets up, walks to the front of the room near the end of the cord and stands there.
2. Charlotte stands in front of you, looking at you.
click - she picks up the end of the cord and plugs it into her belly button.
3. Each gradation of pregnancy is a loop - each time you squeeze the teddy, she gets more pregnant.
After the final click where she is as pregnant as she gets, Charlotte unplugs the cord and the rest of the action proceeds until loops back at the start again.