clara clara


Clara is a 7 minute stop motion animation about a twelve year old girl. It uses silicon puppets and realistic sets to create a sense of both sadness and enchantment. It is the first collaboration between Van Sowerwine, the writer director, and Phillipa Campey, the producer.


Struggling with a massive change in her life, 12-year-old Clara is disoriented and confused. Her efforts to remedy the situation and make sense of her new world are thwarted when flowers attack her and ants invade her home. Her enchanted childhood has changed forever.

Production Notes

Writer & Director  Van Sowerwine
Animator    Isobel Knowles
Producer       Philippa Campey
Production Company   Film Camp Pty Ltd
Gauge: Super 16mm
Format: 35mm, Digital Betacam, SP Betacam, and DVD
Ratio: 16:9 Letterbox (4:3 Safe area)
Picture:  Colour
Sound:   Dolby Digital
Duration:  7 minutes (exactly 6 mins, 53 seconds)
Classification: PG (Parental guidance recommended)